Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not the Turkey

After furtherbinvestigation, we discover that Bailey's allergies may not be related to the Turkey. SAfter a further investigation into the ingredients of her Dry food from "Taste of the Wild", we discover that the Venison and Bison Flavor includes Peas! We are putting her back on the Salmon and Sweet Potato flavor, "Taste of the Wild" that does not include peas, but poor Bailey has another ear infection and she is miserable.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's the Turkey

Bailey is still eating the beef and rice mixture and her itching has decreased. It seems she is allergic to Turkey. After 4 days of being Turkey free, she is hardly itching at all. I will still start adding some beef broth to her mixed food, as the beef and rice are a little dry for her. I was going to add gravy until I remembered that gravy is made with flour or cornstarch. At least for today Bailey is getting some relief. We will start reintroducing her grain free biscuits tomorrow and see if she is actually allergic to any of those.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bailey is itching more than ever now. Maybe I should of left the rice out of her cooked beef mixture. After all, she is allergic to other grains, she could be allergic to rice too. I will cook some more beef and mix in some gravy and see how she does on that.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Beef

Taking away all of Bailey's biscuits has reduced her itching. I have read the ingredients on the biscuits and I still don't see anything she is allergic too. Since she did not have any adverse reaction to the beef and rice I mixed up for her before, I will start her back on the beef and rice today with some dehydrated beef jerky treats. She is still on the Taste of the Wild Venison and Bison Potato dry food and that is not causing her any problems. I will keep her on the dry food and substitute the beef for the turkey as a moist food. After a couple of days I will introduce her back to the biscuits and see how she does.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sock Thief

When Bailey was a puppy, she quickly discovered that her possession of someone's errant sock would set off a lively game of chase, with the sock owner trying to regain possession of the footwear. Now that she is older, she still makes off with any socks that are carelessly left on the floor, the chase game is not as long as it used to be. Now she prefers the attention she gets when she gives the sock up. The promise of a belly rub or a head scratch will quickly return the now soggy sock to it's owner.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Itching Again

Bailey had us all up at 3 Am this morning. Not really her fault. My brother had stayed over, and he was getting reaady to leave for work at that time, when he noticed Bailey was awake and wanting to go outside. Unfortunatly, the security alarm was set off, so everyone else ended up wide awake. I took Bailey outside and noticed she was scratching more than ever. I brought her in and gave her some Benedryl, so now she is sound asleep, and I am still wide awake. We will now take her off of all her treats, with the exception of the turkey jerky I made her on the dehydrator, and see if we can find out the cause of the itching. If she is still itching tomorrow, we will take her off of all turkey and see how she does.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Bailey's sister dog Trixie, is a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who thinks she is the Queen of the Universe. She also has food allergies, and is highly allergic to chicken. Her incontinence and hatred of the House Cat has relegated her to outdoor life since I moved in with Mom. I believe after being stuck inside the Condo alone during the day while I was at work, she enjoys the outdoor life. She has a sheltered, heated area when it's cold, and her own swimming pool when it's hot. I think the only thing she really misses is watching television. When we lived at the Condo, I would leave the television on for her during the day while I was at work. Many times I would come home to find a couch cushion pushed off onto the floor in front of the television with Trixie in the center of the cushion thouroughly engrossed in whatever was on at the time. Her and Bailey are great friends except when Bailey accidently stumbles over Trixie when they are playing chase. Trixie quickly reasserts herself as queen of the universe and Bailey is confined to a small area of the back porch until all is forgiven. They do love each other, but Trixie is the Queen.